Photo: Israeli Defence Forces (archive)

Azbej: Hungary donates EUR 100,000 for Gaza refugees

Hungary is donating 100,000 euros for the humanitarian care of civilians fleeing Gaza, a government official said on Thursday.
10. November 2023 5:20

After attending the Paris conference convened by President Emmanuel Macron for raising aid for the civilian population of Gaza, Tristan Azbej, the state secretary for aiding persecuted Christians, said on Facebook that Hungary’s contribution would support Egyptian aid efforts in Gaza.

Azbej said Hungary strongly condemned the Hamas terrorist organisation’s attacks against the population of Israel and recognised Israel’s right to self-defence against terrorism.

He called for the hostages taken by Hamas to be released immediately.

Also, he said exhaustive efforts were needed to evacuate foreigners, including Hungarians, from Gaza.

Further, the war must not be allowed to escalate into an inter-state conflict, he added.

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