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Agriculture Minister: Protection of soil, water reserves joint responsibility

The sustainable husbandry of soil and water reserves is key to global food security, the agriculture minister told a meeting of the European Committee on Agriculture of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Budapest on Wednesday.
27. September 2023 18:00

Greeting the meeting, Agriculture Minister Istvan Nagy said that while Hungary was rich in good-quality water, last summer had been plagued by droughts. Preserving water in backwaters and rivers through systematic channelling, reserving water bodies and irrigation is an effective counter-measure against climate change, he said.

Another important factor is quality soil, a key to the production of healthy and high-quality food, Nagy said. Soil improvement and sustainable agriculture are a priority in Hungary, he told the meeting.

FAO’s European Committee on Agriculture is meeting in Budapest on September 27-28, with the representatives of some 40 states discussing the sustainable use of soil and water in Europe and Central Asia.

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