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Agriculture Minister: EU decree replaces national ban on Ukrainian imports

A European Union decree taking effect on Saturday will replace member states' respective bans on Ukrainian grain imports, the minister of agriculture told a press conference at the Zahony border crossing.
14. May 2023 6:57

Istvan Nagy said Hungary’s earlier ban on imports of wheat, maize, rape- and sunflower seeds would stay in effect. He added that the EU decree would be “as rigorously enforced as the national measures”.

Joint action by Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania has “made Brussels bureaucrats to step back … at last they understood that an influx of Ukrainian farm products created such a chaos on the European Union’s internal markets that they had to handle it”.

The EU’s decision will “at last facilitate trading in Hungary”, the minister said, adding that “the wheat produced by Hungarian farmers will now go to markets where it was intended”.

Nagy said there was an oral agreement with EU decision makers that the European ban would be maintained after June 5, but added that he was “expecting a relevant written declaration”.

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