President Ader – Photo: MTI

Ader: World further away from reaching climate goals

Compared with when 15 climate goals were adopted in Paris 8 years ago, the world now is further away achieving them, Janos Ader said at a UN meeting on water issues in New York.
22. March 2023 9:01

The former president of the republic, who is a member of the global body’s Water and Climate Leaders grouping, said that the world was also further away from attaining the aims on water and hygiene than when they were set in 2015.

Growing populations and higher energy consumption is boosting demand for water, he said, and based on current trends, by 2050 roughly of half of the world’s population will live in regions where water is scarce.

Investments in water infrastructure must be increased, Ader said.

Also, noting that there are now 32 UN agencies handling water issues as against 28 four years ago, he cast doubt on the efficiency of the UN’s operations in this area.

Ader briefed the meeting on Hungary’s water-related measures related to maintenance of its 4,000km river dam system, the 41 billion forints spent on biodiversity and developing national parks in the past 10 years, and the creation of the Danube-Drava-Mura biosphere reserve. Fully 95 percent of waste water is returned to the environment after treatment, he added.

Future tasks include preventing the desertification of central Hungary, making better use of solar and wind energy, and the speeding up upgrades to the water utility network, he said.

The 2023 Water Conference is starting today at the United Nations. Ader will speak on Thursday, while Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, will address the debate on Friday.

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