Janos Ader – Photo: wikipedia

Ader: Adapting to changed climate and hydrological conditions essential

Adapting to the changed climate and hydrological conditions is essential, Janos Ader, chairman of the board of the Blue Planet Foundation and Hungary's former president, told a meeting of Water and Climate Leaders on the sidelines of the United Nations' COP28 climate summit on Friday.
1. December 2023 13:23

In his online address delivered from Budapest, Ader said the targets earlier set by the body had been correct. Eighty percent of the effects of climate change are felt through water, he said, adding that it was right to agree on the need for a global water management information system that links climate, meteorology and water databases.

Highlighting the timeliness of the work of the body, Ader cited the Copernicus Climate Change Service’s latest report which said global temperature increase from the pre-industrial average exceeded 2 degrees C. for the first time on Nov 17.

The former president invited the participants of the COP28 summit to the Budapest sustainability expo set to be held in two years’ time.

According to a press release, water and climate leaders are asking countries at the summit to work together in coordinating their water and climate policies, to support each other in sharing their data, experiences and ideas and to incorporate the issue of water into the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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