Address by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Hungary

As last February 24, 2022 dawned, an unbelievable and unprecedented attack took place in peace-observing Europe as Russia once again invaded Ukraine. There has been nothing like this since World War II, with the Russian army launching a full-scale offensive against its neighbouring country.
2. March 2022 16:56

The assault has come from many surrounding directions – from the southern occupied Crimean region, from the occupied Donbass in the east of Ukraine, and alongside the long stretch of the northern perimeter that includes the additional length of southern Belarus.

The cynicism of the Russian occupiers knows no boundaries nor limits. Enemy missiles, bombs and artillery shelling are not only hitting military sites but also civilians and their homes and even kindergartens and hospitals. As a result of the continual hostilities many people have been killed, including children. Also, there is the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who are now forced to flee their homes and seek refugee status elsewhere, mainly, for the moment, in neighbouring countries.

Ambassador Liubov Nepop

When a real, not even a hybrid, war is raging in the heart of Europe, I am in no doubt that not only the security and future of the Ukrainian state is at stake but also that of the entire Europe. I am convinced there are no more illusions that the Kremlin’s aggressive plans will end solely at Ukraine.

Should President Putin of Russia achieve his aims there, it would be anyone’s guess where he may attack next. He has made it very clear that he wants to bring back the former Soviet Union, and therefore, as an inspired guess, the Baltic States could easily be next.

For the seventh day running, the Ukrainian military is fighting courageously against the aggressor and steadily repelling enemy attacks for everyone’s benefit. Fortunately, the Russian occupiers have so far been unable to capture any major city in my country. It is with great fortune that much of the international community is united against the terrible Russian genocide, and many civilised nations continue to support us.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary has now opened a charitable fund-raising account (in three currencies – Hungarian forints, US dollars and euros) to raise vital funds to support Ukraine.

Account details:


Forints: HU48-10300002-10068078-00014904

US dollars: HU22-10300002-10068078-00014014

Euros: HU22-10300002-10068078-00014887

I appeal to all, please support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian occupier! Help the brave Ukrainian people to survive. And please make a contribution, no matter how small, towards a safe and peaceful future not only for you but also for all children.

Don’t be indifferent – we can save a united Europe by many joint efforts!

Greetings and thank you. Slava Ukraini!


Ambassador Liubov Nepop

March 2, 2022

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