Palkovics: Hungary ready to live up to 2050 environmental commitments

Hungary is ready to live up to its 2050 commitments and has started large investments to improve the effectiveness of its energy use and production, and to increase the ratio of sustainable energy resources, Laszlo Palkovics, the minister of technology and innovation, said on Monday.

In his address to a central European conference on energy in Bratislava, Palkovics said solar energy was in the forefront of Hungary’s plans to boost sustainable energy resources. Solar energy production capacity is currently at 2.6 GW, and the government is planning to ramp it up to 6GW by 2030, he said.

Palkovics also called for “clean, fully carbon-free nuclear energy” to be recognised as green energy.

Nuclear and solar energy production is key in improving the effectiveness of Hungarian energy production, he said.

Hungary will continue to resist the European Union’s aim to expand its emissions trading system to areas directly impacting private users, such as heating private homes and the use of private cars, he said. The issue is one of the most important topics of the Bratislava conference, he said.

Palkovics also noted that KPMG’s Net Zero Readiness Index has put Hungary at 13th place, with the regulatory environment among the top 5 worldwide. Hungary’s economy, industry and society are ready to fulfil the 2050 commitments, he said.

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