The Hotel Gellert in Budapest – Photo: wikipedia

Parliament to vote on new accommodation rating system

All tourist accommodation in Hungary will be classified from one to five stars on the basis of uniform criteria, the CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTU) said on Saturday, outlining a bill being submitted to parliament.

The aim is to ensure that guests receive reliable quality whether they stay at a hotel or in private accommodation, Zoltan Guller said.

The new rating system, which operates in more than ten countries, is scheduled to be introduced from January 2022, and the costs of the rating will be covered by the tourism agency until 2024.

The amendment, which lawmakers are due to vote on next week, will require online data reporting from accommodation establishments as well as restaurants and providers of tourism attractions, Guller said.

The intention is that tourism and hospitality should not be managed on the basis of intuition but on the basis of data, following the example of western European and American multinational companies, he added.

Guller also noted that, based on current occupancy rates, an bigger upswing can be expected this year than last summer.

Guller said the vaccination card would continue to play a key role in the sector, adding that Hungary was likely to have 6 million people vaccinated by the summer so they would regain their previous freedom.

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