Nyugati railway station – Photo: wikipedia

Nyugati railway station to be closed for month-long revamp from June 19

Budapest's central Nyugati (Western) railway station will be fully closed for revamp and modernisation from June 19 until July 18, the government spokeswoman said.

The station handles some 18 million passengers annually and thanks to the revamp, it will offer upgraded services and conveniences that meet current standards, Alexandra Szentkiralyi told a press conference.

Speaking at the same press conference, Tamas Schanda, state secretary at the Innovation and Technology Ministry, said that renovation of Nyugati had begun a year ago and so far included the construction of new rail tracks totalling 3,300 metres and new asphalt pavement on an area of more than 16,000 sqm.

Robert Homolya, the chief of national railway company MAV, said the station will be fully closed for train services with international trains redirected to arrive at the Kelenfold, Kobanya and Zuglo railway stations.

The iconic railway station was designed by the Eiffel company in Paris and opened in 1877.

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