“Welcome to the Hotel Kazan-fornian”

Mai Danube Pensiunea awaits your arrival… at any time of year

If you want great adventure and something entirely different, make your way to the Kazan Straits. This is either a 500-kilometre overland trek from Budapest or a 700-kilometre ride on the equally splendid River Danube until end stop Orșova, the Kazan capital, in Romania.

But when it comes to preparing beforehand, I recommend booking in advance at the most commendable Mai Danube Pensiunea, a pension at the quaint riverside village of Eșelnița, 10 kilometres further on.

Not only was this friendly three-star locale my central base for all the main features, but managers Karl and Florentina Muchitsch also provided all necessary essentials to see me through during my busy and enjoyable time there.

So much so, that when it came to orientating myself around the area they made all the difference to my professional work and wellbeing. Without the Mai Danube, I would not have accomplished so much around the Kazan peaks and beyond so efficiently.

Along with a warm welcome, the dedicated management and staff will set up everything in order for the guests, to not only enjoy the comforts of their humble abode but to also make the most of what this wonderful region has to offer.

In my case I needed a sturdy bicycle to accomplish documenting the Kazan area close up. Then on my return after a busy day, my needs were to have an excellent supper, look out onto the magnificent river scenery and gain further information from local people and guests alike about what to do next.

So whether it’s an active holiday with bicycling, boating or swimming, these facilities are readily available on site. Or if a lighter, quieter time by the strand and swimming pool are what’s needed, then pull up a deckchair and enjoy the view. Or how about a combination of both? But whatever is needed, just ask! The cheerful management and staff will assist directly.

Hospitality also endures at the Mai Danube riverside restaurant, where traditional Balkan cuisine with a splendour of fish dishes and pancakes are the main specialities. The Eșelnița neighbourhood is also a grape and fig production area, thus further local entities also endure with excellent quality wines, brandies and jams, which are exquisite souvenirs to take home.

But the secret of success is always knowing, fine hospitality and good food are always the best ingredients for satisfying customers. And that is what the Mai Danube reputation has been delivering on, since opening in 2016.

The visitors are not only local people but many Germans and Dutch. In fact, the Mai Danube has hosted travellers from all over the world and will continue to do so.

This homely setting with its Mediterranean ambience has 15 modern-day standard double rooms with all the conveniences. Up to 80 people can dine in the restaurant at one time, and it is a great venue for special occasions such as wedding receptions. There is also a private conference room available. Finally, I hope to return soon.

See http://www.MaiDanube.ro/

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