Photo: Varosliget Zrt.

Liget Budapest receives award as Europe’s leading touristic development

The Liget Budapest Project, a 10-year project to upgrade Budapest City Park, has won the title of Europe's Leading Tourism Development Project 2023 at the World Travel Awards, the project leader said on Monday.
5. December 2023 5:17

The World Travel Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in travel, tourism and hospitality, which elects its winners from thousands of world-class developments every year, Benedek Gyorgyevics, the head of the company responsible for the project, said.

The upgrade of City Park aimed “to put the venue on the must-see list of foreigners visiting Budapest,” Gyorgyevics said. Rising visitor numbers at the House of Music Hungary, the Museum of Ethnography and BalloonFly, a hot-air balloon inspired by a painting of Hungarian artist Pal Szinyei Merse, show that the park is now “on the map of international tourism again”, he said. The long-term goal is to make City Park a destination that is “worthy of recurring visits in and of itself”, he said.

Liget Budapest is unique also because it unites 150-year-old buildings, modern structures and nature, creating a unique space for recreation, Gyorgyevics said.

Gyorgyevics said the project was the largest cultural investment in Europe, “in scope and complexity”. The House of Music and the Museum of Ethnography both won the International Property Awards, and the former was also awarded as the best musical property development at the Music Cities Awards in 2021, Gyorgyevics said. In the same year, the revamping of the Museum of Fine Arts won the Europa Nostra Prize, he added.

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