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Government expects swift, effective measures against ‘unacceptable conditions’ at airport

The government is expecting immediate, swift and effective measures to tackle the "unacceptable conditions" at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, government spokeswoman Eszter Vitalyos said on Saturday.

The past weeks have seen many flights delayed or cancelled Europe-wide, including Budapest, Vitalyos said on Facebook.

She thanked the airport for designating two zones where stranded travellers can access food and water, as well as mothers’ rooms for mothers with babies, and baby food and health-care packages for families.

At the same time, “in the 21st century, it is unaccetible that Hungarian families and visiting tourists should be stranded at the airport for long hours, without relevant information and provisions. The developments at the airport now are the consequences of the period before the government took possession of the airport. As soon as the airport is truly, psysically passed over [to the new owners], the situation will improve,” she said.

On June 6, the government announced that it had bought an 80 percent stake in the airport along with Vinci, which had acquired 20 percent.

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