The Hotel Gellert in Budapest – Photo: wikipedia

Domestic tourism sector sees strongest ever summer season

Hungary's tourism industry has recovered, with the domestic sector seeing its strongest ever summer season this year, a Prime Minister's Office parliamentary state secretary said on Friday.
18. December 2021 6:23

The number of guest nights at commercial accommodations in Hungary reached 15 million over the summer, up 16 percent from 2020, Csaba Domotor said at the Korosi Csoma Sandor Grand Prize award ceremony.

Domotor praised the recipients of the Hungarian tourism industry’s biggest award for committing their lives to showing the world that “Hungary is a good place to live and visit”.

Laszlo Konnyid, the deputy head of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, hailed the efforts of the industry’s workers in getting the tourism sector back to the level it was at in 2019. He added that it was especially important to recognise the industry’s biggest achievers at a time when staffing is a struggle due to the crisis caused by the pandemic.

The Korosi Csoma Sandor Grand Prize was handed out to six recipients and a posthumous lifetime achievement award was also presented at the ceremony.

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