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Coronavirus – Hungarians who got Western boosters allowed entry into all EU countries

Hungarians who have received a coronavirus booster vaccine approved by the European Union even after originally being administered an Eastern jab will be allowed entry into all EU countries, an MEP of the Socialist-Parbeszed alliance said on Wednesday, citing the bloc's justice commissioner.
2. February 2022 18:33

The EU digital Covid certificate is valid for 270 days for those who have received two jabs, and can be used for an unlimited time by those who have also received an EU-approved booster shot, Istvan Ujhelyi said, citing European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders.

Ujhelyi stressed, however, that the new regulation only applied to entry into member states, adding that Hungarians who had initially received Eastern vaccines should be aware of the restrictions they may be subject to in the country they are travelling to.

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