Budapest Government Office: Passengers must get refund or rebooking if flight cancelled or severely delayed

Airlines must fully reimburse passengers if a flight is cancelled or allow the possibility of a rebooking on the next available flight, the Metropolitan Government Office said in a statement on Tuesday.

The office said it stressed the importance of airlines complying with the rules on flight delays and cancellations during the main tourist season.

If a flight is cancelled and if the passenger rebooks, the airline must provide food and refreshments in proportion to the waiting time and, if overnight accommodation is needed, provide this and transfer to and from the airport, the statement said.

Unless the cancellation is caused by circumstances beyond the airline’s control such as a technical error, a strike by airline employees, dangerous weather conditions, air traffic control decisions, and collisions with flocks of birds, passengers may claim compensation of between 250 and 600 euros depending on the length of the flight.

In cases of a delay by more than five hours, the airline must refund the price of the ticket if the passenger opts for that, it added.

If the final destination is reached with a delay of over 3 hours in the absence of force majeure conditions, passengers must be offered compensation of between 250 and 600 euros.

Passengers can turn to Hungary’s consumer protection authority if their passenger rights have been ignored by the airline, the statement said.

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