Air traffic in Hungary air space falls by more than 50 percent

The number of overflights and flights arriving to and departing from Budapest fell by more than 50 percent in January-September 2020, HungaroControl told MTI.

Hungarian air controllers assisted with the navigation of almost 257,000 overflights and more than 41,000 arriving and departing flights by the end of September. Air traffic at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport started declining due to the pandemic from March 9 and the biggest monthly drop was registered in May so far. On May 2, there were only 15 arriving and departing flights at the airport, down 95 percent from the same day of 2019.

The number of flights began to increase in early summer but started stagnating from mid-July. The busiest day during the pandemic period was August 22, when HungaroControl managed close to 2,000 aircraft. One year earlier, this number was close to 4,000.

Unlike in normal years, when summer is the busiest time, this year the period preceding the pandemic, January showed the highest air traffic numbers, HungaroControl said in the statement.

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