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A new look at the best of Romania

Many of Romania’s greatest attractions for outsiders – 275 to be exact and featuring spectacular castles, mansions and cathedrals as well as gastronomy, cultural experiences, fortifications, ruins, walls and archaeological foundations – have been grouped online into 12 tourist routes that include not just the obvious but also much which is lesser known and undiscovered by the general public.

Attractive Romania is the name of Europe’s newest cultural tourism program and it launches on May 15, 2024. The program will provide international and national tourists with a multimedia platform, in different European languages, to guide them towards authentic holidays and original experiences.

The routes are themed and offer the promise that every step tells a story.  Also that thanks to the logistical effort and diversity of the teams who developed the program, there will be one big winner, and that is the European travellers seeking unique and authentic experiences, communities where history is still alive, historic sights and savory traditions.

The 12 routes cross the whole of Romania. Treasure hunt trips can be made either by following predefined circuits or by selecting the most interesting experiences in a specific geographic area, with the Attractive Romania mobile travel app offering both possibilities. The predefined thematic routes are:

✔ The Castles Route

✔ The route of the Transylvanian curias (medieval suits of armour)

✔ The route of Kulas (The word kula means tower in Balkan languages)

✔ Traditional Romanian gastronomy route

✔ The route of fortified churches

✔ The wooden churches route

✔ The route of Moldavian monasteries

✔ St. Ladislaus Route on the territory of Romania

✔ The route of Roman forts

✔ Route of the fortresses

✔ Rehabilitation of the cultural landscape of the Danube Delta to increase its attractiveness

✔ Route of villages with traditional architecture

Attractive Romania is a map of itineraries, with sights to visit, described in dozens of multimedia materials that tell their story through historical data but also through the legends and people who made them valuable. This is the foundation on which the concept of the communication campaign accompanying the programme was built.

“Every step tells you a story” is the essence of a promise made to the cultural tourist, where every step creates a connection with the people, the stories they tell or the things they do.

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