You can subscribe to the pdf or print copy of the monthly The Budapest Times Magazine. In the download menu that you can find beside a free pdf copy of our publications is available, so you can get familiar with them.

Subscription process

After your subscription order is received, you will be sent a so-called pro-forma invoice, based on which you need to transfer the relevant amount to us. The subscription period begins immediately after placing the order by sending the next edition of the BT Magazine. We send a final invoice for accounting to all the best custom essay subscribers at our cost after the sum of the invoice is received.

Termination of the subscription

Option 1 (active): You may terminate your subscription any time during the subscription period in written form (on paper or in an e-mail) without any problem. However, the termination will be applicable only after the running subscription period is over. This means that a fraction of the already paid subscription fee cannot be paid back.

Option 2 (passive): You will receive a pro-forma invoice 3-4 weeks before your current subscription period ends. If you choose to simply ignore this invoice, your subscription will terminate automatically. This means that your subscription will not be continued automatically without you expressing your intent to continue.

Special services

All subscribers are entitled to special discounts when they advertise with us.

Education institutes and private individuals get a discount of 50% of the chosen subscription rate.

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