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Immunity wristbands will be mandatory at Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix

Wristbands certifying immunity against the coronavirus will be required to enter the area around Hungaroring from Friday until Sunday, when the racetrack hosts the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix next weekend.

Fans who buy tickets at the track will get their Covid immunity wristband with their purchase, but race-goers who have already bought tickets must pick up their wristbands before arriving at Hungaroring, at the Akvarium Klub at Deak Ferenc Square, in the centre of the capital, or in the parking lot of the Auchan store in Fot, off the M3 motorway.

The wristbands may be picked up at both the venues in Budapest and Fot between 8am and 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday, between 6am and 8pm on Friday and Saturday, and between 6am and 3pm on Sunday.

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