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F1 boss Domenicali highlights Hungary’s importance to sport

Formula One Group CEO Stefano Domenicali on Saturday said there were multiple reasons why Hungary was important to the sport, underlining the significance of a fresh contract extension for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Speaking to Hungarian reporters after qualifying, Domenicali said the talks on the Hungaroring’s contract extension had been “hard but fair”, highlighting the commitment of the Hungarian promoter and government.

Hungary is important to F1 because in the midst of the sport’s growing popularity, it is key that the calendar strike a balance between traditional venues and new markets, Domenicali said. He added that F1 saw a “huge potential” in expanding the popularity of the sport in this part of Europe.

Domenicali said it was important to secure the Hungaroring’s spot on the F1 calendar beyond 2027 and announce a contract extension until 2032.

The Hungarian government believes in this project and is willing to spend the money on upgrading the track because it understands the importance of Formula One, he said. The most important thing during contract talks is for everyone to seek solutions, because then they will be found, he added.

Domenicali praised Hungaroring vice president Ariane Frank-Meulenbelt for her work since the inaugural Hungarian Grand Prix in 1986.

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