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Minister highlights results in health science innovation, investment

The government has considered from the start the health industry a key sector contributing to Hungary's economic competitiveness and the results of its investments on R+D+I in health science already show, the innovation and technology minister said on Monday, outlining projects.

“It is important to showcase the results in Hungarian research, development and innovation, also in the area of health science where significant results have been achieved in terms of innovation,” Laszlo Palkovics told a press conference.

He called molecular medicine, genomics, precision medicine and the medical application of artificial intelligence strategic areas for the government to support with innovation funding.

“An important element of the strategy is to win over eminent international and Hungarian scientists to participate in domestic health science research and development projects,” the minister said. He highlighted a cooperation agreement concluded with Hungarian-born physicist Ferenc Krausz, Director of the Attosecond Physics Division at Munich’s Max Planks Institute, the recipient of the prestigious Wolf Prize in Physics this year.

Among scientific research projects, Palkovics noted the one led by renowned Hungarian neurobiologist Botond Roska focused on researching the retina with the goal of restoring sight to the blind and in cancer research Oncompass Medicine’s AI-based precision protocol.

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