Photo: BME

Media authority: Hungarian-built mini-satellite to be launched on Falcon-9 in 2023

The MRC-100 mini-satellite, the largest constructed at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics so far, will be launched into space in May 2023 by Falcon-9, the rocket sponsored by American businessman Elon Musk, the Hungarian media authority (NMHH) said on Wednesday.

NMHH, a sponsor of the project, said the satellite will carry an electrosmog meter, a stabiliser, a GPS device and a camera. The satellite will be fueled by solar panels and batteries to ensure operation in dark as well, NMHH said.

The 600g satellite will also carry equipment developed by the universities of Szeged, Gyor and Debrecen.

The satellite is on its way to Glasgow for installation on the satellite platform, and will be taken to space on board of Falcon-9 from the US, NMHH said in a statement.

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