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Hungary, Moldova archives sign cooperation agreement

The Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security Services (ABTL) and the National Archives Agency of the Republic of Moldova (ANA) signed a cooperation agreement on document exchange in Budapest on Wednesday.

ABTL director Gergo Bendeguz Cseh said after the signing event that the Hungarian agency would make available documents with content on Russia to ANA under the agreement. In exchange, ABTL will receive copies of documents concerning Hungarian citizens and victims with Hungarian nationality, he added.

Hungarian State Security document files are incomplete but archives in many neighbouring countries and Russia store many documents on Hungarian citizens or Hungarians beyond the borders, he said.

Previously, agreements were signed with archives in Romania, Ukraine, and Russia.

Preliminary research showed that many documents are available in the Moldovan archives about thousands of Hungarians who were deported or taken prisoners of war in 1944-45.

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