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Hungarian contributing to European quantum computer development

The development of a 1,000-qubit quantum computer is under way with the participation of 28 research partners from 10 countries, including Hungary, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) said on Monday.

Hungary is contributing research from the BME’s natural sciences department and the Wigner Research Center for Physics to the 7-year OpenSuperQPlus (Open Superconducting Quantum Computers) project, the statement said.

OpenSuperQPlus is the continuation of the OpenSuperQ project, which also involved researchers from Hungary, France, Holland, Finland, Germany, Sweden and several startups specialising in quantum research.

The first phase of the project lasting 3.5 years is planned to develop a 100-qubit quantum computer.

European Union’s Horizon Europe programme is providing 20 million euros to the OpenSuperQPlus project, and BME will receive 274,000 euros for its related research.

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