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Hungarian astronauts to conduct unique experiments at ISS

The procedure to select Hungarian astronauts for a 30-60-day mission to the International Space Station is under way. The astronauts are scheduled to test world-class Hungarian innovations and conduct unique experiments aboard the ISS in the middle of the decade.

Orsolya Ferencz, commissioner for space research at the foreign ministry, said applicants for the Hunor (Hungarian to Orbit) astronaut programme would be expected to have technical and scientific skills, to be psychologically robust and have a good knowledge of English.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is involved in the selection process, which entails thorough physical and psychological examinations and accords with rigorous international standards.

Experiments and devices created by Hungarian universities, scientific research institutes and companies will be tested in a microgravity environment as part of the mission. Applications are open until Jan. 31.

Meanwhile, Hungary is hosting the annual Congress of the International Astronaut Association from Nov. 1 to 5 with the support of the government. The event will provide an opportunity to present details of the Hungarian astronaut programme, the commissioner said.

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