Photo: László Balkányi

Allegro Ristorante & Bar

Promise of Italian tastes, atmosphere

On Bartók Béla út, behind the pistachio-green umbrellas overlooking Gárdonyi tér, a chic, sophisticated world unfolds: pink sofas, eclectic furniture, homey carpets and colours, fresh flowers in the vases. All this provides the perfect background for getting to know Italian gastronomy: the menu includes hot soups, light salad, hot and creamy lasagna, risotto dipped in truffle oil, pizzas, pasta and shrimp in every imaginable version with garlic and spices, and the tiramisu prepared to perfection.

The interior is just the place to enjoy a relaxed meal, and was created with the care of the owner Judit Budai. She carefully selected the furniture and exciting pictures that form their own ever-changing gallery. All in all, the clean lines add up to a carefully chosen and special space.

Allegro welcomes its guests in the summer with aperitifs, colourful cocktails and a DJ on the terrace, aiming to be likened to an atmosphere reminiscent of a party in those small Italian bars found at popular Lake Como.

Autumn and winter are more about slow, sit-down evenings, but friendly and a memorable venue for meetings. Whatever the season, the pizzas are prepared according to authentic Italian recipes, with guests able to look on at the activity around the pizza oven.

Photo: László Balkányi

In addition to the classics, a gastronomic detour takes in varieties with truffle, salsic and Tyrolean speck ham. Allegro is also strong in the pasta-risotto line, offering its own home-made pesto variation, summery tomato-spicy pastas, and autumn cannot pass without fragrant mushroom risotto. Desserts and the cocktail menu add the extras. Sweet-toothed lovers of tarts should be able to end the evening happily here with plenty of flavours to choose from.

Judit Budai says the constantly evolving, exciting interior and the most beautiful spheres of Italian gastronomy are just the scenery: the decadence of the weekdays and the effervescence of the weekends with unexpected situations and terrace parties unfold spontaneously at all times.

Photo: László Balkányi


Allegro Ristorante & Bar

Bartók Béla út 23, Budapest 1114

Open Tuesday to Sunday noon to 11pm

Phone: (06) 70 623-1623



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