Only exclusive champagne bar opens

More than 50 French varieties await bubbly lovers

"Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!" is what Dom Pierre Perignon is said to have shouted when he invented champagne. The origin of the phrase is questionable but the sentiment is not, and bubbly French champagne is popular with just about everyone, enchanting with its elegance, lightness and playfulness. Hungary now has its only exclusive champagne bar.

The ÉTOILE Champagne Bar is newly opened in District V’s iconic Párisi Udvar, and the spirit of the inventor lives on with more than 50 different types of champagne and vintage champagne specialities on offer, all chilled to the correct temperature. There are contemporary champagne cocktail creations and vintage bottles. True connoisseurs can sample a bottle of the French champagne house Bollinger, for more than a million forints.

Bence Bayer, Marketing and Communications Director of the Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest, says: “ÉTOILE is French for the word star. With the name, we not only pay homage to Dom Perignon but we believe that this place can truly become the star of Budapest. The multi-award-winning building of the Párisi Udvar has been the jewel of the city for over a hundred years, an iconic meeting place for people.

“We want ÉTOILE to keep it that way for at least another 100 years. We have worked very hard on this, and the concept was born years ago. We have cherished the idea and developed it to ensure that every guest experiences the highest quality of service.”

The Head Sommelier of the bar, Csaba Virágh, displays his expertise and passion in introducing guests to French drink specialties. “What fascinates me about champagne is the beauty and playfulness of the bubbles,” he says. “I had my first ever champagne experience when I was a student at the Király restaurant. Champagne is a charming drink and we are happy to show you the way through the exciting labyrinth of champagne culture. Uniquely at ÉTOILE we offer 20 champagnes by the glass, with over 50 different bottles to choose from, each with its own story.”

Virágh will conduct champagne tours of the bar, accompanied by Dalma Horváth, Outlet Manager of ÉTOILE, who will introduce visitors to the mysteries of the French drink. “I love the versatility of champagne,” she says. “As a fan of art I know what it’s like when something becomes a passion. I play the piano and paint myself. And there’s a reason they call champagne making the art of pairing. You can have endless conversations about making champagne, and by sharing these stories with your guests you’re sure to put a whole different light on the drink they’re having.”

So it’s not necessary to travel all the way to France. ÉTOILE welcomes French champagne lovers from Wednesdays to Sundays from 6pm to midnight. Lajos Lutz, the Executive Chef of Párisi Passage and Párisi Udvar and a member of the Bocuse d’Or Academy, has created the dishes to accompany the champagnes.


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