“Flying elephant” is back: after three years, Baltazár Grill reopens

Three years after becoming one of the many victims of the coronavirus pandemic and being forced into closure, Castle District dining attraction the Baltazár Grill has reopened its doors this mid-March.

While the adjoining Baltazár boutique hotel was able to remain open during the pandemic, the restaurant with the Flying Elephant symbol had to shut down the famous Spanish Josper Grill on which it based and prepared its kitchen.

The hotel and restaurant are part of the family-owned Zsidai Gastronomy and Hospitality Group that operates 13 Budapest restaurants on both sides of the Danube and two hotels in the World Heritage-listed Buda Castle District. The Baltazár hotel, grill restaurant and bar are considered as one of the group’s jewels, an institution in the historic heart of the city, between the National Archives of Hungary building and Kapisztrán tér with its Museum of Military History and the ruins of the Church of Mary Magdalene.

The food at the grill is made from authentic ingredients, prepared on the handmade Spanish Josper charcoal grill, and includes gourmet street food, shareable meals, serious meats, a comprehensive vegetarian selection and Hungarian classics. Simple yet creative dishes define the Michelin Guide-recommended cuisine of Baltazár.

The kitchen prides itself on the ingredients and technological tools used. The Josper is the finest, artisanal hand-made Catalan charcoal grill oven, and can also be seen in the kitchens of British chefs Heston Blumenthal or Gordon Ramsay, for example. Only the highest quality Argentinian charcoal is burned.

The establishment offers a warm understated and friendly atmosphere, a haunt for a nice meal, a coffee or a glass of wine from what is claimed to be the best selection of tipples from the Carpathian Basin.

Zsidai Group owner and Chief Executive Officer Roy Zsidai says: “Baltazar Grill is simple, honest cooking with a strong grill focus. Varied textures, crispness and juiciness characterise the cuisine. Our burgers are fantastic, our steaks have extra flavour from the Josper and we’ve also prepared healthy dishes for the conscious diner. Even before the pandemic it was a haunt for many, and I hope it will soon return to the public eye and shine in its former glory.”

The restaurant also serves breakfast every day. Alongside freshly baked croissants and breakfast classics, it offers croque madame, avocado toast, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royal, many people’s favourite Shakshuka and generally healthy fare. From spring to late autumn, the restaurant is complemented by a romantic cobbled terrace.

A note for drivers:

Contrary to misconception, you can drive into Buda Castle by car and parking is completely legal in the designated areas on the streets. The car driver can simply swipe a card at the gate, validate it at the end of lunch/dinner at the pay machine and simply drive out either at the Bécsi Kapu tér or at Lovas utca.


Baltazár Grill

1014 Budapest, Országház utca 31

Tel.: Grill and bar +36 1 300-7050 (Hotel +36 1 300-7051)

Open:  Monday-Sunday: 7:30am-11pm

Breakfast is available until 11am

Email: hello@baltazarbudapest.com


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