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Feasting French-style

While we await the reopening of restaurants – one of these days – the French bakery and pâtisserie with the rather confusing name of “à table!” has joined the home-delivery ranks, or házhozszállítás as this service is known in Hungarian.

à table! offers a gallery of Gallic goodies: crispy baguettes, aromatic pastries, traditional quiches and French cakes reminiscent of Paris to brighten every day. With such a wide selection, your first order might be a little tricky, so here is a guide to some of the elegant treats.

For example, the bobine is made of buttered dough similar to croissants, but also contains milk and eggs, giving it a lighter, crumblier end result. Its dough is rolled up and then sprinkled with various chocolate-fruit spreads and dried fruit.

Also available at à table! are raspberry & chocolate-cream, pecan-praline, lemon-caramel, and passion-fruit & chocolate-cream varieties of pastries.

The French baguette is, of course, kneaded from French flour, based on a Provençal recipe, using a French technique and shaped by hand. Pain normand is made with traditional French white bread, while foie gras croissants combine fig jam, French duck-liver cream slices and rocket.

The pain au pistachio is filled with chocolate and homemade pistachio cream, and Paris-Brest is a burnt dough-based dessert filled with almond, hazelnut and praline, topped with toasted almonds.

The mille-feuille is a classic French cream slice with bourbon-vanilla cream, the tarte au citron a traditional lemon tart, and the coffee cardamom is an Opera cake with the new dressing of cardamom and chocolate sprinkling.

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  1. à table offers really good quality of products.

    They are in Árkád shopping center in Budapest now too and when we were in Budapest at the bginning of this month my wife urgently wanted to test and taste their products.

    The result is stunning!
    Their products are of unique quality and taste. We also took home baguettes and bread.
    It definitely makes a difference that their products are prepared with imported flour from France.
    This way everyone can bring a piece of France to their home.

    A visit is definitely recommended!

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