Wrapping up in Ecuadorean attire this winter

Fashions from Ecuador paraded on a Budapest catwalk this month were a tribute to the dedicated, behind-the-scenes artisans back home, as it was their humble creations – splendid handmade clothes and accessories such as luxurious scarves, sweaters, traditional ponchos, symbolic Panama and felt hats, handbags, jewellery and blankets – that the models wore along the red carpet for all to see.
28. November 2021 13:36

The Ecuadorian-Hungarian fashion show at the House Bar & Kitchen restaurant in District VII’s Holló utca on November 20 included a beamish Latino folk music band, a clothing and painting exhibition, and reception, together offering a distinct Latino charm.

The Winter Collection presented by the Andes Munay company continues to maintain their roots, heritage and identity throughout their mission. The entrepreneurial founder and announcer for the evening, Bryan Solózano, originally from the Ecuadorean capital Quito, told an enthusiastic audience that the company’s defining trademark is delivering Latin American culture to the open market.

Solózano said this was both an artistic endeavour and one aimed at maintaining sustainability, not just from his homeland but from other Latin American countries too. Traditional values were preserved and indigenous families provided the crafts and outfits as their livelihood in favourable circumstances that did not exploit them or the environment.

Inspiration for these earthy products clearly comes from the Ecuadorean land, people and culture, with the Andes mountains playing a traditional and inspirational role in the distinctive designs.

Some of the garments are also linked to Hungarian culture and aesthetics, as can be seen at the showroom in Budapest, or online at http://www.andesmunay.com/

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