Tipton’s leading designer Simon Hukaya now has his own collection in the showroom

Recently the range of the Tipton Eyeworks showroom was expanded with the products of the Japanese brand Masugana, and now they are continuing this path "in-house" with their leading designer, Simon Hukaya’s own collection. And Japan has an important role to play this time as well.
7. October 2022 13:51

Simon has been working with Tipton’s founder Zack and the Tipton team for almost ten years. Over this time he has created many iconic pieces, he also won the Red Dot Design Award for Vinylize Ashby.

The designer was born and raised in Tokyo, then completed his design studies in Italy and in Hungary at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest). He has received several recognitions for his work in Hungary as well, among them the Hungarian Design Award.

Japanese origami, some sci-fi and a little neo-noir

The first piece of the Optifold collection, Pollux will be presented for the first time as part of the Budapest Design Week. The frame, based on a special concept, was folded from a special, thin plate sheet. The piece created this way is feather-light yet holds up strong, durable and spectacular at the same time.

The frame shows the Japanese roots of its designer. The folding technique used for its making is reminiscent of the ancient Far Eastern art of origami. The simplicity of this combines with the modern, high-tech world of the island country, recalling the forms of sci-fi and neo-noir film creations.

Tipton also gives an insight into the design process

During the Budapest Design Week, those who are intrested can not only see the frames at the Tipton Eyeworks showroom but also gain an insight into the design process. With the prototypes, plate sheets and blueprints exhibited you can follow along how Pollux was born, from the idea to the finished product.

True to the brand, Tipton will celebrate the official product launch with a party on the 15th October at the showroom on Erkel Street. The evening will be opened by trend researcher Adél Kovács, who is well-known in the domestic designer and fashion industry, and the designer of the uniforms of the Hungarian team of the Tokyo Olympics. Drinks will be provided by the only Mezcal bar of Budapest which is also located at the showroom. MnemonicKiss ft. Novan plays live music and DJ Bodoo spins records before and after the product presentation. Pollux and Tipton frames will also be available to try on.

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