Maximilian Zimmermann and Mariann Tóth.

Sport and music at La Estancia club in Etyek

Summer polo party thrills

Two international teams showed off their horseback skills in front of about 120 spectators in a mid-summer polo party at the Zimmermann family's La Estancia Polo Club in Etyek. As well as the match, classical music and open-air cinema entertained the guests.

Among those present were numerous familiar faces from the Hungarian German-speaking expat community, including Ulrike and Stephan Interthal, Philipp Körbler, Eilika and Georg Habsburg and their children, Peter Knoll, Marcus von der Wal, Katja Schläfli and Martin Aeschlimann, and Mariann Peller. Lothar Matthäus came with the whole family and, to the delight of the audience, showed off his soccer skills on the lawn of the polo club.

The Habsburg family with Dávid Horváth (3rd from left).

A concert by the “Young Virtuosos” Apor Szüts, Daniel Ali Lugosi, Zoltán Bacsy-Schwartz and Carmen Boateng – known from the TV show of the same name –, joined by star guest Placido Domingo Jr. (son of opera superstar Placido Domingo) took place in the afternoon. The grand piano was transported to Etyek especially for this concert.

Georg Habsburg and Jose Luiz, Ambassador of Brasil.

The guests included ambassadors David Najera (Mexico), José Luiz Machado E Costa (Brazil) and Joanna Azzi (Lebanon), and the Mayor of Etyek, Tamás Zólyomi.


  • Alexandra Bencikova and Philipp Zimmermann.

  • The Zimmermann family and Tamás Zólyomi, the Mayor of Etyek with his partner.

  • Philipp and Maximilian Zimmermann.

  • Marika Sommerstein and the Zimmermann brothers.

  • Krisztina Zimmermann and Jose Luiz.

  • Gergő Szabó.

  • Francesco Mari and Uwe Zimmermann.

  • Dahid Najera, Ambassador of Mexiko.

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