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Hungarian ice cream maker best in international rankings

The federation of Italian ice cream makers have chosen a Hungarian to top the 2024 Gelato Festival World Rankings, organisers announced at a press conference in Rome on Tuesday.

Adam Fazekas, of Budapest’s Fazekas confectionery, had won the Gelato Festival World Masters competition in 2021 and was second in the World Rankings in 2022.

At the press conference, the Hungarian master’s raspberry-pistachio ice cream was offered to the participants, but it had been several of his compositions that earned him first place in the competition.

This year, Italy’s Giovanni Bonazzi was second and Savannah G. Lee from the US was given third place.

The international competition has been organised annually since 2011, and its jury of several hundred experts have tasted creations by over 8,000 ice cream makers since the beginning.

Over 1,200 contestants attended the event this year, coming from Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.

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