The House of Music - Photo: wikipedia

Fujimoto: Hungary House of Music ‘perfect realisation of my vision’

Hungary's House of Music (MZH) is a "perfect realisation of my architectural vision", Sou Fujimoto, the architect of MZH, told MTI in an interview in Budapest on Tuesday.
14. September 2022 17:42

The Japanese star architect visited MZH only now because of the coronavirus pandemic. “It is fantastic,” Fujimoto said after a tour of the facility in City Park.

“As I was walking under the canopy, it appeared as if it was levitating and through it the whole house was bathing in a breathtaking golden shine,” he said, noting that his vision had been to create an overlap of nature and architecture. He said it was an outstanding experience to see his design in reality, “how the house itself has immersed in the fabric of the park”.

Fujimoto noted that the Budapest House of Music was the first cultural institution he had designed for a country outside Japan.

“It very well represents the approach seeking to dismantle the boundaries between the built and the natural environment,” he said.

“This is a project that can also show the future of architecture,” Fujimoto said.

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