Large projects, big debates in the capital

Time for (green) visions

The Prime Minister, among many others, has introduced Budapest as the world capital of culture and sports. Did the municipal elections last October spoil his fun?

19 February 2020 - 12:02 p.m.

Carlos Santana's Miraculous 2020 World Tour in Budapest on March 19

50 years treading the boards

Iconic guitarist Carlos Santana is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his album "Supernatural" and the 50th anniversary of "Abraxas" with a world tour, and the show will stop at the Budapest Arena on…

19 February 2020 - 01:02 p.m.

Párisi Passage Café and Brasserie in District V

The what and the where

Sometimes, it may not be so much what you eat and drink when you go out but where you eat and drink, and in this regard the Párisi Passage Café and Brasserie stands tall among the city's prime spots.

19 February 2020 - 01:02 p.m.

Arguably "blue", possibly "dreamy", this riverside spot has its pearly parts

A waltz around Esztergom

One of the most splendid and inspiring views in this region is Esztergom's highly symbolic Basilica when it is in clear line of sight with the adjacent River Danube, or "Duna" as known by local…

19 February 2020 - 01:02 p.m.

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Three occasions to celebrate

Kuwait’s 'growing cooperation' with Hungary

The Embassy of the State of Kuwait held a reception at the Kempinski Hotel…

Curious ventures await in shadowy Istvántelek

Ghost trains, spooky suburb so near but so far from spotlight

No offence to those from Istvántelek, as life and daily routine in this District…

'Beautiful harmony' reaches a highlight

Emperor of Japan's birthday celebrated

This year's celebration by Japan of the Emperor’s Birthday was the first in…

Second to none in its idiosyncratic way

"Wicked City, The Many Cultures of Marseille" by Nicholas Hewitt (published by Hurst)

Hands up if you have been to London but not Birmingham, to Istanbul but not…

A momentous 12 months

"Rolling Stones 69" by Patrick Humphries (published by Omnibus Press)

Patrick Humphries is the author of numerous musical biographies including the…

The Celtic Barber

The capital with the eye of an expat

I'm having flashbacks to 1994 and the birth of the term "metrosexual". The…

For the heart and head

James Blunt's 2020 European tour in Budapest on April 1

Following his sixth studio album, "Once Upon A Mind", released in October, James…

Success move by move

Chess player Julianna Terbe works hard to stay at the top

Chess – also called the game of kings – is indeed one of the most complex board…

Coronavirus 'all clear so far'

Ministers reassure public that every action is being taken

Preventive measures implemented against the coronavirus by Hungary have proven…

Boarding now: easier

Airport’s new passenger hall opens

The first phase of the new passenger terminal, Pier 1, went into operation at…

Brexit is half-way here

Difficult trade talks remain for Britain, EU

Finally, after 47 years of membership and 1317 days – three and a half years –…

What drives Hungary forward

Orbán points to pluses in economy, politics, media and more

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, speaking during a podium discussion at the National…

'Foreseeing' today's troubles

"Orwell, A Man of Our Time" by Richard Bradford (published by Bloomsbury Caravel)

New biographies of already-much-written-about deceased notables usually come…

Literature's most brutal break-ups

'My dear, I don't give a damn':

From Margaret Mitchell to Haruki Murakami to Graham Greene, capturing the…

Classic football and food

Ritz-Carlton Budapest Spanish Extravaganza Festival

One of the most important games of the 2019-20 European soccer season will be…

Tribute to Doors pioneer Ray Manzarek

A one-off exclusive at Corvin Cinema, Budapest

From the stage to the page

"Tall Tales and Wee Stories: The Best of Billy Connolly" by Billy Connolly (published by Two Roads)

In December 2018, after 50 years of belly-laughs, energy and outrage, Sir…

Why The Scientists thought The Angels' fans would kill them

"Nine Parts Water, One Part Sand: Kim Salmon and the Formula for Grunge" by Douglas Galbraith (Melbourne Books)

It was 1993 when, at the end of a Sunday night shift on The Newcastle Herald in…

Restaurant gets down to business

Added value at Hilton Garden Inn Budapest City Centre

Hilton Garden Inn Budapest City Centre has that sparkling newness and…

At last, better news from entangled UK

Move over Boris and Brexit, here come the Wombles

To those people not familiar, this briefing concerning a bunch of fluffy…

Indians fly the flag

Republic Day celebrates important date

The Embassy of India celebrated the 71st Republic Day of India on January 26,…

All you need is love

Valentine's Day at Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

No one has pinpointed the exact origin of Valentine's Day – dark days in ancient…

Still passing on skills

Exhibition at Gallery of Young Artists

Ferenc Kesztyűs is a man of many accomplishments – painter, graphic artist,…

Brexit is half-way here

Difficult trade talks remain for Britain, EU

Finally, after 47 years of membership and 1317 days – three and a half years –…

An ambassador’s time ends

Letter to the Editor

From graffiti to costly art

Banksy exhibition has iconic works by anonymous Briton

The "Art of Bansky: Without Limits" exhibition of the world’s most famous street…

Hungary, Kazakhstan 'strategic partners'

Good conditions for even greater bilateral cooperation

Hungary was in 1992 one of the first countries to recognise the independence of…

Coasts are clear for big year

Rijeka, Galway host European Capitals of Culture 2020

This year's two European Capitals of Culture are both coastal towns: the…

Why the 'iron curtain' descended

"Eight Days at Yalta: How Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin Shaped the Post-war World" by Diana Preston (published by Picador)

Historian Preston describes how "war-weary" British prime minister Winston…

Decade of Kempinski Ladies rolling out the red carpet

Role to provide a genuinely personalised and intuitive guest experience

No gentleman – as all the world well knows – would ever ask a lady her age.…

Croatia now the tie that binds

EU's newest member assumes half-year presidency

The oversize red tie that appeared on the downtown Budapest "Fat Policeman"…


The capital with the eye of an expat

I have a peculiarly impulsive sense of smell that has led me to stopping random…

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