Official denies claim in US that country not pulling weight

Hungary 'still NATO ally'

The United States can continue to count on Hungary, Zoltán Kovács, the state secretary for international communications and relations, has said in response to an opinion piece written by former US…

16 August 2019 - 11:08 AM

'Every Past Is My Past' Photo Exhibition @ Hungarian National Gallery

Black and white days

Three hundred-plus photos from the popular Fortepan digital photo-archives have gone on display at the Hungarian National Gallery in an exhibition called Every Past Is My Past until 25 August.

16 August 2019 - 12:08 PM

Baking school L'École de Grande Pâtisserie

A touch of France

The scent of French baguette, the sight of colourful macarons and the smell of freshly baked croissants – whose mouth doesn't water? Nerella Chauvin-Némethy – affectionately called Neri by her…

16 August 2019 - 01:08 PM

Budapest's very own seaside adds attractions

Fun with or without sun

Lake Lupa, a former mining lake now transformed into a beach and water sports centre, is in its third season and has a wider range of events this summer.

19 July 2019 - 11:07 AM

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In abstraction

The capital with the eye of an expat

On 20 August, Hungary celebrates its foundation and remembers St Istvan (St…

Pathway to safer cycling

Velo Budapest offers training sessions for two-wheelers

Cycling in the Hungarian capital? Even experienced cyclists sometimes do not…

Captain back in custody

Release on bail unlawful after Danube boat collision: court

A Budapest court has ordered the Ukrainian captain of the cruise ship that…

Moving in mystical ways

Hol van Gul Baba?

"Hol van Gul Baba Turbe?" My Hungarian dictionary saved my skin again. I'd spent…

It’s a free country

Orbán: Hungary says 'yes' to democracy, 'no' to liberalism

The Hungarian nation today has the political and economic means to protect…

UK Embassy helps spread environmental message

Dame Jane Goodall at Sziget 2019

Hopefully, the 2019 Sziget Festival's paper straws, reusable paper tents and…

Close-up look at colonial rule

"The British in India: Three Centuries of Ambition and Experience" by David Gilmour (published by Allen Lane)

The United Kingdom's still-roiling Brexit controversy, with the referendum's…

Another onslaught on Nazi Germany

"Berlin Finale" by Heinz Rein (published by Penguin Books)

Previously, Hans Helmut Kirst was the only German novelist known and admired by…

Kingdom 'credible and key partner'

Two decades of reform in Morocco

This year's National Day of the Kingdom of Morocco marked the 20th anniversary…

Colombia 'progressing every day'

200th anniversary of independence

Colombia celebrated the 200th anniversary of its Proclamation of Independence…

Morocco pushing ahead politically, economically

20 years since King Mohammed VI came to throne

For Morocco and Hungary, 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of…

Feminist icon or misguided exhibitionist?

"A Woman Like Her. The Short Life of Qandeel Baloch" by Sanam Maher (published by Bloomsbury)

This new book from a Karachi-based journalist investigates the controversial…

Diplomat shares beauty of paintings, sculptures

Kollár Collection, Selected Masterpieces from the Contemporary Ukrainian Fine Arts

As an art enthusiast, diplomat János Kollár has visited such prominent world…

Masters at work

"Maigret and the Killer" by Georges Simenon (published by Penguin Books)

And so, Penguin Books has reached number 70 in its ambitious reissue of the 75…

Car rally symbolises unity

Europ'Raid to stop in Gödöllő

For its sixth edition, Europ'Raid, the first raid adventure in Europe, will…

One woman, five men in a Simenon sextet

"Maigret’s Childhood Friend" by Georges Simenon (published by Penguin Books)

It's fair to say that Georges Simenon was obsessed with sex. As his son John…

Adding some Scottish to the mix

The capital with the eye of an expat

French philosopher Voltaire is reputed to have said "We look to Scotland for all…

Italian to the very core

TG Italiano in District V

Robbie Williams, Mick Jagger and Gérard Depardieu – they have all visited. We…

Just like in Grandma’s kitchen

Pest-Buda Bistro & Hotel in District I

Located in the heart of the Castle District, the Pest-Buda Bistro is a top…

Coins, culture on show

Budapest shines in Shanghai colours for a week

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the launching of Chinese-Hungarian…

Hot music, global warming

Bigger Sziget Budget offers top names upon top names

There will be nine headliners in seven days on the Big Stage (Nagyszínpad) with…

Bursting out of NY subway

VIPs get enhanced enjoyment at Balaton Summer Festival

Lucky Chops has been unleashing high-energy brassy funk on the world since…

'I am not his widow; I am his envoy'

Memories of mountaineer by woman who climbed with him

After the death of her husband, Zsolt Erőss, in May 2013, Hilda Sterczer…

Life in a slower lane

The Rise of 70s Popular Culture, The Fall of the Iron Curtain, The Wilderness years, The 70s All Over again

If you like to look back to your younger years or if you would like to see…

Shoulder to shoulder to win

Karácsony wins opposition preselection for Budapest mayor

Gergely Karácsony, the Budapest mayoral candidate of the Socialist-Párbeszéd…

The brief history of the month (July, 2019.)

The news that made headlines

Presenting in one concise package the month’s most important and fascinating…

Discovering highlights of the Valletta Trail

Whistle-stop tour of Malta's historic capital's prized treasures

With its wealth of gold-stone architecture, magnificent 16th-century…

Yoga for a relaxed life

Relieve stress, anxiety, negative energy, health problems

Death or 'dishonour'

"Promise Me You'll Shoot Yourself. The Downfall of Ordinary Germans in 1945" by Florian Huber (published by Allen Lane)

A sense of dread permeates German writer Florian Huber's book from the very…

Going with the flow

OK, so Vienna is a river city: Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront

This is a side of Vienna that we hadn't seen before. On half a dozen previous…

A celebration remarquable

National Day of France

Giving back to the Earth

InterContinental Budapest Summer Party Green Edition

This year's annual InterContinental Budapest Summer Party was a special "Green…

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