A World War 2 bomber – Photo: wikipedia

WW2 resistance fighters, including Hungarians, reburied in Paris Pantheon

Twenty-three martyrs of the French resistance movement including three Hungarians were reburied in Paris's Pantheon on Wednesday, the 80th anniversary of their execution.

The resistance fighters belonging to the partisan group of Armenian poet and journalist Missak Manouchian were “foreigners, yet our brethren”, French President Emmanuel Macron said at the ceremony.

“Jews, Hungarians, Poles, Armenians, communists that sacrificed their lives for our homeland,” Macron said in an interview to the daily L’Humanite.

The group including Tamas Elek, Imre Bekes Glasz and Jozsef Boczor belonged to the French Communist Party and carried out guerrilla attacks on the occupying German troops around Paris until they were captured by the Gestapo. They were executed on February 21, 1944.

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