Sebastian Coe - Photo: MTI

World Athletics President: Budapest ready to host Olympics

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe said late on Sunday that he was satisfied with the World Athletics Championships held in Budapest in all aspects, he considered Hungary ready to host the Olympics and personally encouraged the country to bid.

Coe told an international press conference that the World Athletics Championships had been hosted by Budapest at the highest quality.

“This is an ambitious city, this is an ambitious country, and I have no reason to doubt they would put up a very credible bid,” he said commenting on a potential bid by Budapest to host the Olympics.

“I can’t remember a better atmosphere at a world championship,” he added.

Coe said most international ticket saled had gone to British, German, US, French and Spanish fans and more than half a billion people followed the events over television during the first half of the championships.

State secretary for sports Adam Schmidt told the event that he hoped the many sports diplomats and sports managers who attended the world championships and personally experienced its quality in Budapest would support Hungary’s endeavour to host the Olympics.

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