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Water supply restored in localities west of Budapest

The water supply in all settlements west of Budapest has been restored, regional waterworks DMRW said on Sunday, but added that due to the continuing heat wave restrictions will stay in force in Solymar, Pilisszentivan, Pilisborosjeno, Pilisvorosvar, Pilisszentkereszt, Budakalasz, Pomaz, Szentendre, Pilisszanto, Urom, and Csobanka.

The service provider asked costumers to use drinking water “responsibly” and help avoid interruptions in the supply.

The local governments of Solymar, Szentendre, Pomaz, Budakalasz, and Pilisborosjeno have also issued a ban on using drinking water for watering gardens or lawns, washing cars, and filling swimming pools.

The highest heat alert is in force for the whole country until Monday midnight.

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