Janos Volner – Photo: Facebook

Volner rejects ‘Brussels blackmail’

Hungary "must firmly reject" any "blackmail by Brussels in terms of LGBTQ affairs", Janos Volner, head of the extra-parliamentary Volner Party, told a press conference on Monday.

Volner said “Everybody in Europe must understand” that under Hungarian law “promotion of homosexuality and sex change” was banned, adding that “Brussels politicians are threatening” to cut recovery funds to Hungary unless its government “allows LGBTQ activits into kindergartens and schools to promote homosexuality”.

Volner also insisted that the left-wing was “waging a campaign promoting homosexuality in order to gain votes”. He argued that “if they manage to make people homosexual who would otherwise have a chance to live as happy heterosexuals, it will mean more leftist votes”.

“It is quite obvious that once one is a member of the LGBTQ community, they will be more likely liberal voters than support a conservative party,” he suggested.

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