Varga: The European Parliament’s political legitimacy will never be the same as one of the member states’ governments. – Photos: BZT / Nóra Halász

Varga: ‘Change in Brussels essential’

Change in Brussels "is essential", Judit Varga, the (Fidesz) head of parliament's European affairs committee, said on Facebook on Saturday.

Varga said Brussels was forcing anyone who “speaks the truth about migration” into silence.

“We stand up for our Polish friends. Coerced migration imperils the security of Europeans,” she added.

Referring to the suspension of the immunity of four Polish MEPs on the government side, Varga branded the move made at the November EP plenary session “bureaucratic terrorism”.

She said Polish politicians had been blamed for committing a hate crime by sharing an election campaign film on social media that warned of the dangers of illegal migration.

Varga said the EP had “gravely violated” immunity rules and is action was “political”, thereby damaging “the most basic principles of democracy and the rule of law”.

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