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Vaccine not a disqualifying factor in life insurance policies, says association

The Covid-19 vaccine does not disqualify applicants from getting life insurance, the Association of Hungarian Insurers (Mabisz) said on Wednesday. In a statement, Mabisz dismissed reports claiming that those who have been inoculated against Covid will now fall under different categories when it comes to their life insurance policies and that insurance companies do not cover health problems caused by vaccines.

Companies do not punish their clients for getting the Covid vaccine, the association said, adding that health problems caused by a Covid jab or any other vaccine were covered by providers.

No insurer has indicated that the terms and conditions of their life insurance policies disqualify applicants who have received a coronavirus vaccine, Mabisz said.

The association noted, however, that several companies have made certain favourable changes to their health insurance policies concerning coronavirus infection, such as the reduction of the waiting period or the coverage of Covid tests.

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