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United opposition presents national list

The united opposition has presented its joint national list for the April 3 general election, the National Election Office announced on its website on Friday evening.

The list was presented under the name DK-Jobbik-Momentum-MSZP-LMP-Parbeszed, said.

The list is topped by prime ministerial candidate Peter Marki-Zay, who was nominated by Parbeszed.

He is followed by Klara Dobrev (DK), Gergely Karacsony (Parbeszed), Peter Jakab (Jobbik), Andras Fekete-Gyor (Momentum), Bertalan Toth (MSZP), Peter Ungar (LMP), Ferenc Gyurcsany (DK), Daniel Zsiga-Karpat (Jobbik) and Agnes Vadai (DK).

If more than two parties present a joint national list for the general election, they should score at least 15 percent of votes to win seats in parliament.

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