Photo: MTI

United opposition launches billboard campaign in London

The parties of the united opposition and their candidate for prime minister, Peter Marki-Zay, have launched a Hungarian-language billboard campaign in London, the party alliance told MTI on Sunday.

The billboards, with the Hungarian message “To those who understand these words: Your country is counting on you!”, will be visible at King’s Cross station and in Borough High Street during the last two weeks of the campaign, the united opposition said.

The goal is to make Hungarians living abroad aware that their participation, too, is expected in the general elections on April 3, they added.

The united opposition said the votes of the several hundred thousand Hungarians living abroad could be a “decisive factor” in the election and called out the governing party for “intentionally trying to restrict the circumstances” of those Hungarians, with the consequence that they must “often travel for several hours and wait in line to vote”.

They added that this comes “as no surprise” because “four of five Hungarians living abroad want a change of government”, according to an analysis by research centre 21 Kutatokozpont.

The statement noted that Hungarians who want to vote at Hungarian diplomatic missions abroad must submit the requisite application by 4:00 in the afternoon on March 25. It added that fewer Hungarians have registered to vote, so far, in Munich and London, than two weeks before the 2018 elections, even though both cities are “important bases” for Hungarians living abroad.

“After April 3, we will build the kind of country from where one doesn’t have to leave, and where it’s worthwhile to come home. We’ll ensure Hungarians who have emigrated abroad the same right to vote, so they will never feel discrimination by the government of their home country,” the united opposition said.

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