United opposition: ‘Govt forced to retreat yet again’

The united opposition on Thursday issued a statement saying that a week ago it had proposed lifting Covid-related restrictions, and that the Orbán government had been forced to relent, as restrictive measures were partially lifted today.

The statement added that the government was sticking to a number of “unnecessarily restrictive” measures.

The united opposition called on the government to rescind its special legal order under which “unnecessary measures” such as the strike ban operated.

Its statement insisted that if it were up to the government, “then compulsory vaccinations would be introduced”, but instead they had buckled under political pressure.

They also insisted that the opposition had notched up “similar successes” in changing the mind of the government over its “pro-Russian foreign policy”, adding that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had been forced to “lose his face every day”.

The opposition demanded that Orbán abandon his “see-saw policy” and unequivocally take the side of the West “where the Hungarian people want to belong”.

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