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Unions slam president for signing law ‘seriously curbing’ teachers’ strike rights

Teacher trade unions PSZ and PDSZ on Tuesday slammed President Katalin Novak for "giving the green light to legislation that severely restricts the rights of teachers to strike."

PSZ head Zsuzsa Szabo and PDSZ national board head Anna Komjathy said in their letter that they had been “shocked” to learn that the president signed the bill into law despite an “emphatic request” by the unions to consider alternatives. They added that they had no other option than to appeal to the Constitutional Court.

The unions may further appeal to the European Court of Human Rights should the Hungarian top court rule against them, they said.

Novak, the union leaders said, had “failed to answer” their letter asking her not to sign the law, and they accused her of signing the law “in haste”.

Parliament passed the contested legislation on May 24.

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