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Ukrianian authorities detain Hungarian suspected of forcing women to sex work

Ukrainian authorities have detained a Hungarian national suspected of recruiting women with false promises and forcing them to work as prostitutes in Asian countries, Ukrainian authorities said on Tuesday.

In a coordinated action of the Ukrainian border services, the Transcarpathian police and the prosecutor’s office, authorities arrested the 41-year-old man on March 18 and prevented that a presumptive victim, a Ukrainian woman leave the country, the authorities said. In a house search, they seized the man’s mobile phones, notes and documents proving illicit activities, as well as the car used to transport the woman, the authorities said on their website.

The man is suspected of having lured women with promises of work with a non-existent model agency. He promised women grappling with financial hardships “safe and well-paying jobs in Cambodia”, the statement said. In exchange for the women’s photos, personal data and copies of travel documents, he promised “plane tickets, decent living conditions and decent clients,” the authorities said.

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