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Ukraine war benefiting Fidesz

Initial reports connected with the war in Ukraine have largely benefitted Hungary's ruling parties, according to a survey by polling company Median published on Wednesday.

The poll published by the news portal hvg360, conducted from Feb. 22-26, found increased support for the ruling alliance.

Fidesz and its Christian Democrat ally had an advantage of 4 percentage points before the war started, while this lead swelled to 12 points in February, according to Median’s poll.

Meanwhile, the united opposition has lost 2 percentage points since December.

At the same time, the proportion of those expressing an intention either not to vote or uncertainty over how to increased from 13 percent to 20 percent.

Expectations regarding the united opposition’s chances have waned, Median found. Last December, 63 percent expected Fidesz to win, while in the latest poll 67 percent did. Fully 45 percent of opposition supporters were confident their side would win the April 3 election, the poll found.

Median said Fidesz had an advantage among the elderly, villagers, the less educated and people on low incomes, while the opposition was preferred among young people, residents of big cities, graduates and the wealthier.

At the end of February, more people considered the country was headed in the wrong direction than the other way round (47-44 percent).

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