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Two die in accident in Budapest, driver flees

Two people died after three cars collided on the road leading to Liszt Ferenc International Airport in the 18th district of Budapest. A manhunt is under way to capture the driver who fled, the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) said on on Friday. Police have also issued arrest warrants for seven Nepali nationals.

A car with Bulgarian licence plates driven in the direction of the city collided with a Hungarian licenced car coming from the opposite direction and the car behind it.

A man and woman travelling in the Hungarian car died at the scene while the driver and passengers of the Bulgarian licenced car fled.

Two people in the car behind suffered minor injuries, based on initial reports.

Budapest police are investigating the circumstances of the accident in a criminal proceeding, and a manhunt is under way for the driver who caused the accident, as well as his passengers, the police statement said.

Arrest warrants have since been issued against seven Nepalese nationals for failing to offer their assistance during the incident.

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