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Tuzson: Slovakia supports Hungarian EU presidency

Hungary and Slovakia see eye to eye that in the immediate future "peace and security must be the European Union's top priority and Europe's evolving war psychosis must be stopped", Bence Tuzson, the Hungarian justice minister, said after talks with Slovak counterpart Boris Susko in Pezinok, near Bratislava, on Thursday.

Concerning the recent assassination attempt against the Slovak PM, Tuzson said the Hungarian government trusted that Robert Fico would soon make a recovery, although “we cannot expect his participation for the time being”.

Tuzson called Slovakia a key ally, and said the Slovak government and Hungary were in agreement concerning important European issues. He said the upcoming European parliamentary election would decide “if Europe proceeds towards peace or war.”

The minister said his Slovak partner had expressed approval of the goals of the Hungarian presidency. Tuzson said it was “a primary task” for the presidency to put “actual problems such as competitiveness” on the agenda rather than “issues of ideology or vague questions around the rule of law”.

Slovakia supports the Hungarian presidency’s goal to reinforce Europe’s legal competitiveness, the minister said, adding that the EU should pass “fewer but more meaningful” regulations. He also urged building a common legal vocabulary that could help business cooperation.

Europe advocates an introverted policy, whereas “an economically open, well-functioning and cooperative Europe would guarantee development,” Tuzson said.

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